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As specialty drugs continue to dominate the pharmaceutical market, all stakeholders are faced with the challenge of demonstrating evidence-based value and outcomes. At the front lines, health systems are one of the fastest growing segments for delivering and securing access to specialty medications. In response, AmerisourceBergen created the Integrated Health Systems Outcomes Coalition (IHOC), a collaboration with key stakeholders including manufacturers, health systems and payers to uncover market needs, use data to improve patient care and drive access to specialty medications.
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“We need to demonstrate control and predictability outcomes… there’s a story to be told matching the medical and pharmacy benefit, and that’s continuity of care.”


IHOC is committed to delivering value to all involved stakeholders. Aggregating encounter data and patient and provider satisfaction results provides a unique data set to our manufacturers, clarity for payers and a benchmarking tool for our health system membersall with the ultimate goal of demonstrating reduction in total cost-of-care and improved outcomes for patients.

“Adding lab results and patient satisfaction differentiates the health system data set and will make payers stand up and listen.”

– Dr. Michael Eaddy, PharmD, PhD, Vice President, Scientific Consulting, Xcenda

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