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Advantages of Health Systems Specialty Pharmacies

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Caring for the whole patient

Health system specialty pharmacies (HSSP) have the benefit of understanding the whole patient by accessing a patient’s electronic health record (EHR) and working directly with prescribers as an active member of the care team. This synergistic relationship results in less fragmented care and reduces time to treatment, as well as barriers to access and adherence. 

The value of the health system specialty pharmacy coordinated care model



• Health system specialty pharmacists reviews EHR and prescription with physician as appropriate • Obtain benefit verification and patient assistance


• Decrease time to fill specialty prescription • Follow up with patient for adherence and side-effect management • Coordinate care between physician and pharmacist

The results in improved patient outcomes

HSSPs provide meaningful results in patient care1


patient satisfaction

24-72 hours

expedite prescription dispense so patients start therapy sooner

Patients like Chuck depend on health system specialty pharmacies

The future is health system specialty pharmacy

  • 20% of hospitals report having internal specialty pharmacy capabilities2
  • By 2021, 50% of HS will have formal adherence programs with community pharmacies2
  • 50% of large hospitals now operate a specialty pharmacy3
  • New molecular entities will double by 20224
  • Most HS pharmacy departments will employ data and analytics employees4
  • By 2021, about 25% of HS will have formal agreements with payers for cost-effective use4
  • 75% of HS will expand risk-management strategies

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