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Who We Are

An independent LLC formed by AmerisourceBergen, IHOC includes all stakeholders involved in the access, supply and payment of specialty medications. Participants include:

  • Health system pharmacy executives
  • Data aggregation and business intelligence experts
  • Supply chain experts
  • Payers
  • Health system strategy consultants
  • Specialty pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Health economics and outcomes experts


To support and improve the access, value and delivery of quality care for patients receiving specialty medications through a unique partnership between health systems, manufacturers, payers and supply chain partners. 


Key distinctions of IHOC

IHOC is committed to delivering actionable data and networking opportunities to all involved stakeholders, who share an equal voice and common goal of demonstrating the reduced total cost of care and improved outcomes for patients. Aggregating encounter data and patient and provider satisfaction results provides a unique data set to our manufacturers, clarity for payers and a benchmarking tool for our health system members.

IHOC believes that the diversity of voice in the coalition ensures all parties’ success.

With the increase in value-based payment models, health systems are increasingly implementing or expanding specialty pharmacies and demonstrating the value of coordinated care that controls costs while improving patient outcomes.

In fact, nearly half of all large hospitals (>600 beds) now operate a specialty pharmacy to facilitate a high-touch patient experience improving adherence and optimizing side effect management for costly medications.

IHOC is focused on how health system specialty pharmacies are meeting the challenges of value-based care. Learn more about the advantages of health system specialty pharmacies.

“You can show the care coordination that others can’t.”

Tommy Bramley, President, Lash Group

Start a conversation with us to learn how a partnership with IHOC can help your organization reach its goals.