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Health Systems


Improving outcomes for patients through value-based care and data

Health system specialty pharmacies have the unique opportunity to show the value of coordinated care through comprehensive reporting that leverages real-world evidence, patient satisfaction and positive outcomes, leading to true value-based contracts and patient-centered programs.

Active participation in IHOC enables health systems to:

  • Improve patient care by reducing access issues
  • Develop relationships with manufacturers to understand key challenges
  • Gain insights into payer challenges to better understand unique value drivers
  • Gain scale and negotiating power with manufacturers and payers
  • Elevate reputation as value definer
  • Gain access to health economics and outcomes research (HEOR)/analytic resources

Benefits of health system participation:

  • Improve access to limited distribution products to ensure quality of patient care
  • Maintain ownership of the specialty prescription originating at the health system and throughout the patient journey
  • Access benchmark reports on outcomes data and patient satisfaction for specialty diseases
  • Collaborate and drive IHOC’s mission in meetings and studies alongside other leading healthcare systems and academic centers

IHOC is focused on how health system specialty pharmacies are meeting the challenges of value-based care. Learn more about the advantages of health system specialty pharmacies.

Start a conversation with us to learn how a partnership with IHOC can help your health system reach its goals.