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Driving innovation for patients and manufacturer partners through data

IHOC’s manufacturer members develop relationships and gain insights from health systems, further enabling better product planning, patient access and initiatives for outcomes.

IHOC manufacturer partners gain:

  • Access to complete episode of care data (non-identifiable patient data) for better utilization insight
  • Ability to develop relationships with health systems and understand their key challenges
  • Collaborative input in design of value-based pilots and outcomes studies
  • First-mover advantage in the growing health system specialty pharmacy market
  • Access to benchmarking outcomes data
  • Publication opportunities

The most rapidly-growing specialty pharmacy channel is in health systems. In fact, in 2017 20% of health systems reported operating a specialty pharmacy. Unlike standard specialty pharmacies, health system specialty pharmacies are unique. They have a direct relationship with the patient, have access to the patient’s electronic health record (EHR) and work directly with the patient’s doctor as an active member of the care team. This unique position gives them access to data such as adherence and time-to-treat that could be valuable to manufacturers.

IHOC is focused on how health system specialty pharmacies are meeting the challenges of value-based care. Learn more about the advantages of health system specialty pharmacies.

– Director of Pharmacy, leading Midwest Health System

“Make the specialty pharmacy a one-stop shop for patients as we do all of the patient education and document it in their health record—the patient can stay on therapy for longer.”

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