Katie McMillen

Vice President, Operations, IHOC

Katie McMillen, PharmD, MPH, is the Vice President of Operations for IHOC where she oversees data integration and research projects that demonstrate the value of health system specialty pharmacies.

Scott Wink

Vice President, Payer Strategy, IHOC

Scott Wink, PharmD, is the Vice President of Payer Strategy for IHOC where he plays a key role in improving access to payer contracts for IHOC members. He is integral in improving access to payer contracts for IHOC members and has more than 25 years of experience in the pharmacy and healthcare industry, including expertise in managed care, PBMs and health plans. 

Keith Dostal

Vice President of Business Development

Keith Dostal serves as Vice of President of Business Development for IHOC and US Bioservices where he is actively working with manufacturers to gain access to limited distribution drugs for IHOC members. 

Christian Brown

Marketing Manager, AmerisourceBergen

Christian serves as the Marketing Manager supporting IHOC and Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions. As part of his role, Christian oversees all aspects of IHOC marketing and brand communications. He is responsible for unifying the company's innovations, products and services to elevate IHOC's brand awareness, drive demand, and promote the collective value of IHOC across a network of payers, manufacturers and health systems.

IHOC Advisors

Willis Chandler

Senior Vice President and President, Health Systems and Services, AmerisourceBergen

Willis is Senior Vice President and President, Health Systems and Services, leading AmerisourceBergen’s full line and specialty distribution businesses for health system customers, driving sales strategy within health systems and integrated delivery networks.

Toni Giglio

Vice President, Payer Strategy, Accelerate Specialty Network

Toni Giglio serves as the Vice President of Payer Strategy for Accelerate Specialty Network where she is responsible for leading payer strategy development, developing and driving innovative pull-through initiatives and guiding payer programs to ensure quality of deliverables related to specialty pharmacy services. She manages a dedicated payer team that is focused on expanding payer network access nationally. 


Joe Reinardy

President and Founder, CenterX

Joe Reinardy is the President and Founder of CenterX. Before founding CenterX, Joe worked at Epic for several years where he held primary oversight of all e-prescribing development and implementation program and teams.


John Ryan, RPh

Vice President, Service Solutions and Operations, Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions

John Ryan is the Vice President of Service Solutions and Operations for Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions, a business unit of AmerisourceBergen. He is responsible for PHS’s ambulatory and specialty pharmacy, patient financial assistance and accreditation services.
Headshot of John Ryan

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