Katie McMillen

Senior Director of IHOC Operations

Katie McMillen, PharmD, MPH, is the senior director of IHOC operations where she oversees data integration and research projects that demonstrate the value of health system specialty pharmacies.

Toni Giglio

Vice President, Payer Strategy, IHOC

Toni Giglio is responsible for overall payer strategy and access for the IHOC Specialty Network. Toni has more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare and pharmacy services industry in various management, sales, strategic operations and managed care positions.  

Cynthia Allen

Marketing Manager

Cynthia Allen is the marketing manager for IHOC and brings more than 10 years of experience to the role. She ensure IHOC’s mission and message reaches and resonates with all target audiences, including health systems, manufacturers and payers.

IHOC Advisors

Willis Chandler

Senior Vice President and President, Health Systems and Services, AmerisourceBergen

Willis is senior vice president and president, health systems and services, leading AmerisourceBergen’s full line and specialty distribution businesses for health system customers, driving sales strategy within health systems and integrated delivery networks.

Michael Eaddy

Vice President, Scientific Consulting, Xcenda

Michael Eaddy, PharmD, Ph.D., joined Xcenda in 2001 and, as a Vice President leads his team to help manufacturers generate evidence-based insights, as well as apply data analytics, to support their products' clinical or economic value propositions.

Carrie Griffith

Senior Director, Marketing for Health Systems, AmerisourceBergen

Carrie Griffith serves as the Senior Director of Marketing for Health Systems where she leads the expansion of marketing efforts for health system distribution services, Integrated Health Systems Outcomes Coalition (IHOC), Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions (PHS), and US Bioservices specialty pharmacy.

Karlene Moore

Group Vice President of Customer Experience and Insights, AmerisourceBergen

Karlene Moore is a group vice president of customer experience and insights with AmerisourceBergen. She connects customer experience with brand strategy by leveraging 20 years of strategic B2B and B2C marketing experience. 

Joe Reinardy

President and Founder, CenterX

Joe Reinardy is the president and founder of CenterX. Before founding CenterX, Joe worked at Epic for several years where he held primary oversight of all e-prescribing development and implementation program and teams.


John Ryan, RPH

Group Vice President, Service Solutions and Operations

John Ryan is the group vice president of service solutions and operations for Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions, a business unit of AmerisourceBergen. He is responsible for PHS’s ambulatory and specialty pharmacy, patient financial assistance and accreditation services.
Headshot of John Ryan

William Venus

Vice President and General Manager, Specialty Distribution

William Venus brings more than 25 years of healthcare experience to his role overseeing the specialty distribution segment for AmerisourceBergen. He has held strategic roles in sales, business development, group purchasing, manufacturer and provider contract negotiations, and product commercialization activities for specialty therapeutics and orphan drug launches.

Matt Wolf

Group Vice President, Consulting Practice, Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions

Matt Wolf is an experienced pharmacy professional with an extensive background in hospital, retail and healthcare settings. Currently, he is a leading sales professional for a progressive pharmacy services provider with experience in consultative and strategic selling of consulting solutions.

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